Big Dreams


Big Dreams

I promise that my blog will not just be filled with stories about me, matter of fact I plan on creating a hub of useful information for Investors as well as some interesting stories and case studies.

However, to start my blog off I would like to share the inspiration behind why I am a Property Manager and why I see it as so much more than just a ‘job’.

Growing up, my dad owned several Real Estate offices, from independent to a large franchise, he did it all. In my eyes, he was the most important man around.

When I was in his office, people always wanted to see him or called him, his photo was in the paper, he always looked important and, well, he was. My father was a man who loved his business and nurtured it. Even though he wasn’t old fashioned he did business in an old fashioned way. He preferred handshakes over contracts and phone calls over emails, this obviously wasn’t possible in every situation but it added to the company culture of his office and made him a very popular and a well respected man.

After seeing how many people relied on my Father, looked up to him and trusted him it made me want to garner the same respect… So in my opinion I had to learn from the best, and that was him.

On weekends, he would take me through different houses and we would greet people coming through, and then we would give them tours of the property, it may not seem like the normal thing for a teenager to do on a Saturday but I wanted to be just like him. I still have fond memories of my 10 year old self playing Real Estate with my siblings and pretending they were buying my pretend house.

When I became the weekend receptionist at his office, whilst I was in high school, I felt like my dreams came true. During this time, I spent a lot of time with all the staff in each department to learn and understand what they do. Without question I instantly loved what the Property Managers did, they had to be organised, good with the clients, but what I liked the most was that the Property Managers treated their job like a business. It was phone calls on weekends, meetings in far away suburbs and quick thinking when issues arise. Most people usually try to get away from jobs like this but it intrigued me. From that point set out to become a Property Manager.

I joined the Property Management Team the moment I completed year 12 and from that point, I have never looked back. I can honestly say I love my career choice. I have been a Property Manager for a total of 13 years now. In this time, I have worked from small offices to large offices and supervising several staff. Since the beginning I have taken this profession into my own hands, loved it and nurtured it. I prefer to do business in an old fashioned way, a handshake over a contract, a phone call over an email, this obviously isn’t possible in every situation but I like to think it gets me respect from fellow Investors and clients, much like my Father did.