7 Tips for Vacating your Property

  1. Give yourself plenty of time – this will save you money and time in the long run
  2. Make yourself a to do list
    • What needs to be arranged?
    • Who do you need to contact?
      i) Post office, insurance companies, utility companies, banks etc
  3. Book in a cleaner, carpet cleaner, gardener and pest control – our office can help you arrange this
  4. Review the Entry Condition Report to ensure the property is returned back to the way it was given to you, with fair wear and tear accepted, who will need to repair all damages done to the property
  5. Contact agent to talk to them about what you have done or about to do, and see if there is anything else left, so you do not forget or run out of time, also to get a final figure of rent that needs to be paid
  6. It is recommended, if you do not use Allure Realty contractors, that you do not pay any contractors until after the final inspection has been completed.
  7. Return all the keys and remotes by close of business on your vacating date